Thursday - June 1, 2017

The accelerated development of robotics technologies and their permeation in most aspects of our lives in recent years have raised many ethical issues, which are largely debated in the society at large. The purpose of this Ethics Forum at ICRA 2017 is to stimulate the reflection within our robotics community on such questions, in particular

  • Are robots 'stealing' jobs from human workers? Do we bear any responsibility in the so-called 'technological unemployment'?
  • Are robotic weapons 'ethical'? What are our responsibilities and what role should we play in the societal debates on robotic weapons?

Prominent speakers from academia and NGOs will share their ideas and engage the audience on these questions through their presentations, panel discussion, and interaction with the floor.


  • Raja Chatila (Director of Research, CNRS & President, IEEE RAS (2014 – 2015))
    IEEE global initiative for ethical considerations in AI and autonomous systems
  • Toby Walsh (Professor, University of New South Wales (UNSW))
    On the open letter for the ban of autonomous weapons and the survey on impacts of Robotics and AI on jobs
  • Jean-Paul Laumond (Director of Research, CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research))
    Robotics and Anthropomorphism: the need to deconstruct the discourse


  • Raja Chatila (Director of Research, CNRS, France)
  • Toby Walsh (Professor, UNSW, Australia)
  • Jean-Paul Laumond (Director of Research, CNRS, France)
  • Kerstin Vignard (Deputy Director and Chief of Operations, UN Institute for Disarmament Research)
  • Raj Madhavan (CEO, Humanitarian Robotics Technologies & Chair, IEEE RAS Research and Practice Ethics Committee)