• The poster presentation will be held on May 31, 2017 in the Sands Grand Ballroom, Level 5 and it will be split into morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Authors should prepare and print out the poster in A1 size, portrait orientation.
  • Posters will be displayed on poster display boards in the exhibition hall. The poster display boards will be assigned according to the poster numbers. The poster number can be found on this webpage. Authors should mount their posters on poster display boards according to the assigned poster numbers.
  • Authors are responsible for mounting their posters at least 10 minutes before the poster session starts and for removing of their posters after the end of the session. Posters can be mounted to the poster boards with tape, which will be provided.
  • For morning session (09:30-12:20), authors should set their posters up no later than 09:20. At least one of the authors of each accepted poster is required to be present at the poster from 09:30-10:45. The posters will then be displayed on the poster boards from 10:45-12:20 and will be taken down immediately after the poster session concludes at 12:20.
  • For afternoon session (14:30-17:20), authors should set their posters up no later than 14:20. At least one of the authors of each accepted poster is required to be present at the poster from 14:30-15:45. The posters will then be displayed on the poster boards from 15:45-17:20 and will be taken down immediately after the poster session concludes at 17:20.
  • The poster abstract that you submitted are not peer-reviewed and they will not be archived in the proceedings and IEEE Xplore.

Poster schedule

Date: May 31, 2017 (Wednesday)

Venue: Grand Ballroom Foyer (Level 5)

Morning Session (AM): 9:30 – 12:20

View the abstracts for the morning session

Poster number Titles of posters Authors
1 Road-Marking Based Loop Closure Using a Monocular Camera Jeong, Jinyong; Kim, Ayoung
2 Practical Control of Tendon-Driven Multi-DOF Robot Mechanism for Precision Operation Jeong, Hyunhwan; Kang, Bong ki; Cheong, Joono
3 Real-time Hierarchical Fusion System for Semantic Segmentation in Offroad Scenes KANG, DANG; Hoy, Michael; Dauwels, Justin; YUAN, JUNSONG
4 A Novel Free Piston Linear Generator with Voice Coil Motor Chen, Feixue; Zhang, Chi; Sun, Peng; Yang, Guilin
5 Development of the Inspection Robot FURO for the Characterisation of Radiologically Contaminated Pipework Brown, Liam; Carrasco, Joaquin; Watson, Simon; Lennox, Barry
6 Acoustic Sensing from Multi-Rotor Drones Wang, Lin; Cavallaro, Andrea
7 Learning Robot Activities from First-Person Human Videos Using Convolutional Future Regression Lee, Jangwon; Ryoo, Michael S.
8 Measuring Engagement in Autism Therapy with Social Robots: A Cross-Cultural Study Rudovic, Ognjen; Lee, Jaeryoung
9 Precise Motion Control of Metallic Miniaturized Grippers in Dynamic and Cluttered Environments Scheggi, Stefano; Denasi, Alper; Ghosh, Arijit; Ongaro, Federico; Gracias, David H.; Misra, Sarthak
10 Human-Robot Collaboration During Polishing Operations Gaz, Claudio Roberto; Magrini, Emanuele; De Luca, Alessandro
11 AirSim: High-Fidelity Visual and Physical Simulation for Autonomous Vehicles Shah, Shital; Dey, Debadeepta; Lovett, Chris; Kapoor, Ashish
12 Robotman: A Security Robot for Human-Robot Interaction Lopez Manrique, Jose Alexander; Paredes, Renato; Trovato, Gabriele; Cuellar, Francisco
13 A Hazard Map Generating System for Personal Mobility Users on Sidewalks Sawabe, Taishi; Nishikawa, Naoki; Kanbara, Masayuki; Hagita, Norihiro
14 Empathetic Speech Synthesis Applied to a Chat Robot to Obtain the Users Confidence Nishimura, Shogo; Kawanami, Hiromichi; Kanbara, Masayuki; Hagita, Norihiro
15 Smart Algorithms for Safe Physical Human-Robotic Care Krishnaswamy, Kavita; Tim Oates, Tim Oates; Thippur Sreenivas, Thippur Sreenivas
16 Extracting Grasping and Contact Points from Assembly Demonstration Petit, Damien; Ramirez-Alpizar, Ixchel Georgina; Harada, Kensuke; Yamanobe, Natsuki; Wan, Weiwei; Nagata, Kazuyuki
17 Smart Microsurgical Robot Based on High-Speed 4D Optical Coherence Tomography Park, Taiwoo; Im, JIntaek; song, cheol
18 Model-Based Design of a 3D Haptic Shape Display Koehler, Margaret; Usevitch, Nathan; Okamura, Allison M.
19 Entropy-Weighted Particle Filter-Based Vehicle Localization Using Vertical and Road Intensity Information Kim, Hyungjin; Liu, Bingbing; Goh, Chi Yuan; Lee, Serin; Myung, Hyun
20 Sensor Data-Driven Urban Site Analysis Using Point Cloud from Urban Mapping System (UMS) Kim, Giseop; roh, hyunchul; Kim, Youngchul; Kim, Ayoung
21 New Class of Compliant Modular Earthworm-Like Robot Using Novel Scissor Mechanisms LUO, yudong; Zhao, Na; Shen, Yantao; Kim, Kwang
22 Robust Connectivity-Preserving Rendezvous of Mobile Multi-Robot Systems Feng, Zhi; Sun, Chao; Hu, Guoqiang
23 A SDRE-Based Near Optimal Control Scheme for Quadrotor Yoon, Seongwon; Han, Soohee
24 A Novel Omnidirectional Depth Perception Method for Multi-Rotor Micro Aerial Vehicles Son, Youngbin; Kwak, Inveom; Lee, Hakjun; Oh, Se-Young; Han, Soohee
25 Tubular Jamming a Form of Expansion Jamming Toward High Force Actuation with Soft Pneumatic Actuators Miller-Jackson, Tiana; Yeow, Chen-Hua
26 An Investigation into the Upper Extremity Motion During Trip-Induced Forward Falls Abdolshah, Saeed; Akiyama, Yasuhiro; Mitsuoka, Kento; Yamada, Yoji; Okamoto, Shogo

Afternoon Session (PM): 14:30 – 17:20

View the abstracts for the afternoon session

Poster number Titles of posters Authors
1 Crispy Disk Grabbing by an Elephant-Trunk Inspired Robot* Wu, Jianing; Hu, David L.
2 Surface EMG-Based Evaluation of a PAM-Enabled Wrist Assist Glove Das, Swagata; Kurita, Yuichi
3 Fabric-Based Flat Pneumatic Actuators for Soft Assistive Glove Application Yap, Hong Kai; Yeow, Chen-Hua
4 Automatic Detection Method of Surgical Instrument and Vessel in Laparoscopic Surgery Images Jo, Kyungmin; Choi, Bareum; Choi, Jaesoon
5 LATRO: An Electro-Hydraulically Actuated Robotic Spider for Remote Characterisation and Retrievals Arvin, Farshad; Telford, Mark; Watson, Simon; Cheah, Wei; Green, Peter; Carrasco, Joaquin; Lennox, Barry
6 Perpetual Robotic Swarm Arvin, Farshad; Watson, Simon; Turgut, Ali Emre; Espinosa Mendoza, Jose Luis; Krajnik, Tomas; Lennox, Barry
7 Autonomous Interactive Robot Learning Aly, Ahmed; Dugan, Joanne
8 Model-Based Pose Tracking for 3D Shape Representation Khin Kyu Kyu Win, Khin Kyu Kyu Win
9 Localization Method by TOF Laser Sensor for Mobile Robot Usagawa, Daichi; Kito, Takumi; Sato, Kenjiro; Iwaki, Satoshi
10 Soft Smoothly Rolling Wheel: Principle Verification Tian, Yang; Ma, Shugen
11 Dexclar: Dexterous, Reconfigurable, Modular Gripper for In-Hand Manipulation Rahman, Nahian; Canali, Carlo; Caldwell, Darwin G.; Cannella, Ferdinando
12 Isolated Sensor Cluster Network Construction with UAVs Kim, Myunggun; Son, Hungsun
13 Reducing the Number of Iterations in Pose Graph SLAM Optimisation Harsányi, Károly; Kiss, Attila; Majdik, Andras; Sziranyi, Tamas
14 Hybrid Model for Passive Locomotion Control of a Bipedal Robot Mondal, Soumyarka; Nandi, Gora Chand
15 An Open-Source C++ Library for Robotics and Optimal Control Neunert, Michael; Giftthaler, Markus; Pardo, Diego; Buchli, Jonas
16 Semantic Labeling of Indoor Environments from 3D RGB Maps Durner, Maximilian; Brucker, Manuel; Ambrus, Rares; Marton, Zoltan-Csaba; Wendt, Axel Joerg; Jensfelt, Patric; Arras, Kai Oliver; Triebel, Rudolph
17 Enhancing Situational Awareness for Teleoperation Tasks Park, Sangsoo; Park, Sungjun; Lee, Hyunjin; Son, Hyoung Il
18 Design of an Underwater Drone for Bio-Logging HAN, HyunTae; Hiwatashi, Masaki; Tsumaki, Yuichi
19 Attentional RGB-D Object Detection for Mobile Robot Monitoring Imamoglu, Nevrez; Shimoda, Wataru; Zhang, Chi; Kanezaki, Asako; Fang, Yuming; Nishida, Yoshifumi
20 Evaluation of Personal Characteristic on Stress in Autonomous Driving Passengers Sawabe, Taishi; Okajima, Tomoya; Kanbara, Masayuki; Hagita, Norihiro
21 A Delay-conscious Communication Model for Mobile Robot Navigation Kato, Yuka; Tanaka, Mamiko
22 Real-Time Perception Meets Reactive Motion Generation Kappler, Daniel; Meier, Franziska; Issac, Jan; Mainprice, Jim; Garcia Cifuentes, Cristina; Wüthrich, Manuel; Berenz, Vincent; Schaal, Stefan; Ratliff, Nathan; Bohg, Jeannette
23 BM-Arm: A Biologically Inspired Reconfigurable Cable Robot for the Study of Human Motion Eden, Jonathan Paul; SONG, Chen; Tan, Ying; Oetomo, Denny; Lau, Darwin
25 Home Social Robots Sharing Indoor Activities with Friends: Field Study Jeong, Kwangmin; Kim, Aram; Kim, Hyemi; Lee, JeeHang; Kim, Jinwoo
26 Tacking Control of Sailboats Based on Force Polar Diagram Sun, Qinbo; Qiao, Zhuhan; Strömbeck, Carl; Qu, Yang; QIAN, Huihuan; Xu, Yangsheng