ICRA 2017 has partnered InfoVaya®, a novel solution combining a secure cloud platform with an integrated mobile app client, to offer modern conference services and help attendees make the most of ICRA 2017. The new service will enable delegates to:

Plan ahead for ICRA 2017 – Log in to the cloud platform (InfoVaya®)

  • Explore the conference program using a range of criteria
  • Read the full conference papers prior to the event
  • Build your personalized agenda with presentations that you wish to attend
  • Set up your professional profile, add contact details, and upload your CV (desktop only)
  • Promote your work by sharing posters, slides, and other supporting documents (desktop only)

During ICRA 2017 – Continue on the cloud or switch to the ICRA Tablet* app

  • Move seamlessly on the ICRA 2017 Tablet app
  • Receive push notifications for conference updates
  • Follow through on your personalized agenda
  • Access the digital ICRA 2017 Digest
  • Browse presentations, read the full papers, watch the short videos
  • Check out featured profiles of other attendees and authors
  • Recruiters may access your profile, offering new job opportunities

*Only early and advance registered attendees in the Standard and Student registration categories will receive the ICRA Tablet as part of the registration package. Tablets for onsite Standard and Student registrants are subject to availability.

This is the first time that ICRA attempts to innovate on the distribution of conference proceedings and conference program to delegates. There will be NO USB proceedings nor printed conference program digest book given to registered delegates. The conference digest and paper proceedings will be accessible via the cloud platform or ICRA Tablet app.

How do I register?

  1. Visit https://events.infovaya.com/register
  2. Enter your email address (usually the one you used to register for the conference)
  3. A link to set your password will be emailed to you

Please remember your password - you will use this set of login credentials to log in to the ICRA app on the ICRA Tablet onsite.

How do I log in on the ICRA Tablet* app?

  1. Connect to the internet for the first log in
  2. Ensure you have registered your InfoVaya® account
  3. Click on the ICRA 2017 icon
  4. Enter your email address and password
  5. Wait for a few minutes and you are ready to enjoy the app

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between the cloud platform and ICRA app?
    The cloud platform is best accessed before the conference, on desktop, to create your login credentials, update your profile, upload additional documents (for presenting authors) and bookmark sessions you wish to attend.
    Onsite, use the ICRA app pre-loaded in the ICRA Tablet to follow the personalized agenda you created, browse the digest and full papers, and more.

Cloud platform

Home screen of ICRA app

  1. Will I receive an ICRA Tablet?
    Early and advance registered attendees in the Standard and Student registration categories will receive a free 7-inch tablet. Tablets for onsite registrants are subject to availability. 
  2. How do I collect the ICRA Tablet?
    After checking in onsite and printing your badge, please proceed to the COLLECTION counters to get your conference bag and ICRA Tablet. You will be asked to present your badge for verification.
  3. Apart from the ICRA Tablet, is there another way to access the ICRA papers?
    An alternative way of accessing the ICRA papers is to use the InfoVaya® cloud platform. The service is available to all registered attendees.
  4. How can I log in to InfoVaya®?
    Please visit https://events.infovaya.com/register and follow the instructions.
  5. How can I log in to the ICRA app on the ICRA Tablet?
    You can use the same login credentials that you used for the InfoVaya® cloud platform. If you have never logged in to InfoVaya® before, please click on the “Logging in for the first time?” link, and follow the instructions.
  6. Do I have to use both the ICRA app and the InfoVaya® cloud platform?
    No, but we recommend that you log in to InfoVaya® before the start of ICRA 2017, as this will enable you to better prepare for the conference.
  7. I am an onsite, newly registered attendee and received an ICRA Tablet. Can I log in to the app?
    It takes some time for your account to be created after your registration. For onsite registrants, please use a temporary common account, so that you can start browsing the program, reading papers, and watching the short videos. The registration staff at ICRA 2017 will provide you with the login details for this common account. Once your own personal account has been enabled, you can simply log out from the temporary account, and log in to your own one.
  8. How do I know if my personal InfoVaya® account is enabled?
    Please visit https://events.infovaya.com/register and enter the email address that you submitted with your ICRA registration. If your account is enabled, you will receive an email with a link to set your password. Otherwise, you will see an error message.
  9. Can I upload my slides, poster, and additional supporting materials for my presentation?
    If you are a presenting author, you will see the title under ‘Presentations’ within your profile. Click on your presentation, and then click on the edit button (pencil). This will take you to the “Edit Presentation” page. Select which types of document you want to upload (i.e. poster, slides, supporting materials) and upload your documents. It will be easier if you do this prior to the conference.
  10. Why doesn’t my profile show my conference papers and/or the sessions that I chair?
    It is likely that your papers and/or chaired sessions are located within a different account defined by one of your other email addresses. Please contact us to have your accounts merged.
  11. Are there multiple user accounts under my name on InfoVaya®?
    Each user account is uniquely defined by an email address (your username). If you have provided one email address to the conference registration system, and another email address to the conference paper submission system, you will likely have 2 accounts under your name on InfoVaya®. The best way to check for multiple accounts is to try your various email addresses in the “Search InfoVaya” field (the global search textbox on the upper right side of InfoVaya’s interface). If you detect multiple accounts, please contact us to have them merged into your preferred one.
  12. How do I search for a session, a presentation, an author, a chair?
    To find a particular session or chair, click on the "Sessions" button and use its search filters (to display the filters on the Tablet, please click on the magnifying glass icon). To look for a presentation or author, use the dedicated search options of the "Papers" page.

  13. I accidentally removed/deleted my ICRA app. How can I re-install it?
    Please download the app from this link https://events.infovaya.com/downloads/infovaya-ICRA-v1.apk and locate it within your Tablet's Downloads folder. Click on the file and follow the instructions to install the app. Please note that this procedure should not be followed unless you have completely removed the existing app from your ICRA Tablet. Also, please refrain from installing this app on any device other than the official ICRA Tablet.