All technical paper sessions at ICRA 2017 will have the same organization: a brief 5-minute spotlight talk for all papers in the session, and immediately followed by an interactive session of 35 minutes held in the same session room. It is recommended that your slide size is in the standard (4:3) ratio and not widescreen (16:9).

The Spotlight Talk

Preparation Suggestions:

  • PRACTICE! You will need to practise a number of times to get your message across effectively in only five minutes.
  • Your presentation is an advertisement for your paper, so focus on insights rather than details.
  • Avoid spending too much time on related work.
  • Consider giving an application/motivation of your work, the main result, and one piece of technical "meat" (e.g., a theorem, a design principle, an equation, etc.) that will help the audience understand the methodology and the depth of the work, understanding that there will not be time for all the details.
  • You can see examples of spotlight talks here and here. Note that you have 2 more minutes extra this year to pitch about your research as compared to the previous years.

The Interactive Session

Preparation Suggestions:

You should have several slides prepared that get into the details, but do not plan to give full 15-minute one-way talks. The format of the interactive session should encourage lively discussions between paper authors and audience members. The format of the interactive session is not to repeat the same 15-minute one-way talk over and over until the end of the session.

More details on floor plan and AV specifications coming soon.