Break times for both Monday and Friday
  • Coffee breaks: 10:00 – 10:30 (AM) / 15:00 – 15:30 (PM)
  • Lunch break: 12:00 – 13:30

Monday - May 29, 2017

Full Day Workshops: 08:30 – 17:00

Title Organizers Room
Advances and Challenges on the Development, Testing and Assessment of Assistive Robots: Experiences from Engineering and Human Science Research J. Solis, Y. Takeda, E. Tanaka, A. Frisoli 4601AB/4602
Second Workshop on: Robust Perception, Planning, and Control for Legged Robot Locomotion in Challenging Domains D. Kanoulas, I. Havoutis, M. Fallon, A. Del Prete, E. Yoshida 4603/4604
Sensor-Based Object Manipulation for Collaborative Assembly M. Li, H. Ding, Q. Li, Z. Chen 4605/4606
Warehouse Picking Automation Workshop 2017: Solutions, Experience, Learnings and Outlook of the Amazon Picking Challenge A. Causo, J. W. Durham, K. Okada, K. Hauser, A. Rodriguez 4611/4612
Advanced Fabrication and Morphological Computation for Soft Robotics C. Laschi, K. Hosoda, J. Wei, P. Valdivia y Alvarado, S. G. Nurzaman, F. Iida 4613/4713
Reproducible Research in Robotics: Current Status and Road Ahead F. P. Bonsignorio, S. Redfield, A. P. del Pobil 4711/4712
Autonomous Structural Monitoring and Maintenance using Aerial Robots K. Alexis, M. W. Achtelik, G. Antonelli, M. Chli, A. Ollero, R. Siegwart, K. Valavanis 4801AB/4802
The Robotic Sense of Touch: From Sensing to Understanding S. Somlor, A. Schmitz, L. Jamone, L. Natale, G. Cheng 4803/4804
Recent Advances in Dynamics for Industrial Applications J. Pan, Y. Wu, F. Park 4805/4806
AI Planning & Robotics: Challenges and Methods J. C. Beck, A. Finzi, N. Hawes, A. Orlandini, G. Nejat 4811/4812
Mechanics of Human Locomotion and the Development of Wearable Robotic Systems E. Rouse, H. Lee, H. Vallery, P. Artemiadis 4813/4913

Half Day Tutorials: 8:30 – 12:00 (AM) / 13:30 – 17:00 (PM)
Title Organizers Room
Tutorial on AI Planning for Robotics (AM) D. Magazzeni, M. Cashmore 4911/4912
Buzz: A Programming Language for Multi-Robot Systems (PM) C. P. Giovanni Beltrame 4911/4912

Friday - June 2, 2017

Full Day Workshops: 08:30 – 17:00
Title Organizers Room
Human Multi-Robot Systems Interaction Y. Wang, A. Franchi, N. Ayanian, L. Sabattini, R. Fitch 4601AB/4602
Biohybrid Machine by Small-scale Robotics and Systems M. Nakajima, K. Morishima, H. Sato, T. Fukuda, M. Sitti, S. Bergbreiter, L. Ricotti 4603/4604
Learning and Control for Autonomous Manipulation Systems: The Role of Dimensionality Reduction in Anthropomorphic Design F. Ficuciello, S. Calinon, P. Falco 4605/4606
Disaster Response Robots: Design Principles and Control for Effective Mobility and Manipulation N. Tsagarakis, P. Ogren, P. Jensfelt, S. Behnke 4611/4612
Assistive Robotics: From the Natural to the Artificial and Back Again A. Ajoudani, K. Y. Cho, T. Flash, E. Schearer 4613/4713
Innovative Haptic Interfaces Emerging from Soft Robotics H. A. Wurdemann, M. Srinivasan, K. Althoefer, C. Laschi, A. M. Okamura, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, V. Pawar 4711/4712
IC3 Industry of the Future: Collaborative, Connected, Cognitive. Novel Approaches Stemming from Factory of the Future & Industry 4.0 Initiatives P. Dario, A. Knoll, L. Seneviratne, M. Maffei, A. Baroncelli 4801AB/4802
Multi-robot Perception-Driven Control and Planning J. Alonso-Mora, E. Montijano, D. Rus, M. Schwager 4803/4804
Event-based Vision D. Scaramuzza, A. Censi, G. Gallego 4805/4806
AI in Automation K. Harada, D. Manocha, K. Goldberg 4811/4812
C4 Surgical Robots: Compliant, Continuum, Cognitive, and Collaborative H. Ren, C. Bergeles, P. Dupont, P. Poignet, A. Garg, C. Liu, R. Alterovitz, M. C. Yip 4813/4913
Robotics and Vehicular Technologies for Self-Driving Cars M. H. Ang Jr, D. Hsu, D. Rus, C. Laugier, M. Meghjani 4911/4912